eshaperfo_open / ασφαλτικές μεμβράνες εξαεριστικής στρώσης

EshaPerfo is a perforated bituminous membrane, composed of modified bitumen, perforated glass-fleece reinforcement and polyethylene top and bottom covers.

Its total weight is 1.1 kg/m2 and is used as a vapor control layer in bituminous waterproofing systems of one or more layers.

The perforations on EshaPerfo surface allow partial adhesion of the overlaying waterproofing membranes to the substrate and create vapor pressure relief areas.

Surface preparation

Before the application of the membrane it is necessary to properly prepare the substrate surface.

  • The substrate surface must be thoroughly cleaned so as to
  • remove all dust, loose matter and remaining oils, and be smooth and
  • Recommended surface slope: 5% minimum.
  • The surface must be primed with Esha Roofcoat No 10 elastomeric bituminous varnish at a consumption of 0,4-0,5 Kg/m2, or EshaLac 50S bituminous primer at a consumption of 0,3 Kg/m2.
  • As soon as the surface is dry, EshaPerfo can be

Application of EshaPerfo

  • EshaPerfo application starts from the lowest point of slopes in order to secure unobstructed water flow, when membranes are placed one in parallel to the
  • EshaPerfo membrane does not adhere to the It is simply laid on the substrate surface.
  • Vapor circulates below EshaPerfo layer and is directed to roof ventilators, applied in later
  • The longitudinal and trasversal overlaps should be 10
  • EshaPerfo covers only the horizontal surfaces up to a distance of 30 cm from any vertical
  • The following bituminous waterproofing layers are are torch applied and are positioned in the same direction as EshaPerfo but with a parallel movement of 50 cm relative to EshaPerfo.

Application notes

  • Application temperature should be higher than 5 °C.
  • The waterproofing should be carried out by technicians, properly trained and certified in the bituminous membranes application.


REINFORCEMENT Glassfleece (perforated) 50 gr/m2

EN 1849-1

1,1 kg/m2
Perforation diameter EN 1427 40 mm
Perforation % 16%
Tensile strength longitudinal/ transversal EN 12311-1 150 / 150

Ν/50 mm

Elongation longitudinal/ transversal EN 12311-1 1 % / 1 %
Cold flexibility

(film 3mm) EN 1109

0 °C
Softening point EN 1427 95 °C
Penetration at 25 °C EN 1426 25 – 35 dmm
Dimensional stability

EN 1107-1

-0,1 / +0,1


Roll Dimensions (W x L)

EN 1848-1

1 m x 20 m


  • Standards: ΕΝ 13707, ΕΝ 13969.
  • Approved with CE 1020-CPD-010021423
  • Waterproofing application to terraces according to ΕΝ 13707



Membrane rolls should be stored in their original package, in vertical position, protected from direct sunlight, rain, snow and ice.

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